Bunker Supply

We are a leading bunker supplier in west africa supplying bunker at  kamsar  & conakry. We  procure bunker  fuels from  the government owned  refineries   in  the   country  as   per  the specifications required  by the  customer and  in compliance with  the international standards  as per the requirements of Regulation 14 and 18 of Annexure  –   VI  of   MARPOL  73/78.  We   also supply bunker  at outer anchorage  of the  above ports. We  have professionally experienced  team to cater  the  needs of  our international  clients.

We  are   on  call  day   and  night,  year   round, providing  customers with  the  first-rate  service we have built our company on. Our state-of-the-art equipment is manned by skilled  crews adept at bunkering procedures on-shore and off,  in all types of weather. Our IFO barge of  1200 Tons & MGO  & MDO  200Tons are  well  equipped with heavy duty discharging pumps.

Our   established,   maintained   and  controlled supply chain ensures  that the quantity and  the quality  of   the  product   is   unaffected  in   the supply  chain  and  delivered  to  the  customer’s satisfaction