About us

A group of company who is going to lead & introduce a  marine supplier “BLUE OCEANIC SUPPLY” which meet the international look for its experienced people who has come from different leading company in international  reference. From the  establishment we promise to  make a world class marine service and supply solution with our team of expertise at Guinea Conakry Ports

BLUE OCEANIC SUPPLY was created  in  2019  by  a  smart,  expert,  hardworking team  with  a promise to provide good service with minimizing cost & principle satisfaction.

BLUE OCEANIC SUPPLY strives to meet this challenge by centralized commercial and marketing activities,thereby allowing  it  to offer  a high  standard of  service  to its  present and  future clients in  all shipping market segments: ship sanitation, crew change, ship supply.

To facilitate BLUE OCEANIC SUPPLY’s clients’ needs,  offices have been created  in kamsar and Ecowas countries port such as LOME, ACCRA, FREETOWN, MOROVIA to develop  the activities of each  partner and to  manage global contracts  with Principals. These offices facilitate  a rapid response to  clients needs be  it for commercial,  operational or financial matters. It  also allows  direct involvement  in specific  sectors such  as tanker  operations where international emergency response plans have been introduced.

Teamwork  is the  key of  the  network management  and BLUE OCEANIC SUPPLY Services success Today depends on the satisfaction of our customers and the mutual success of its clients business.

Our Vision

  • Always maintain a positive brand image that signifies innovative development to all stakeholders.
  • Be customers’ obvious choice of service supplier for the service of ships during port calls, as well as handling of goods by ship.
  • Provide maritime-related services, focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in a positive and honest way.
  • Be seen as an honest and trustworthy business partner who has a real desire to add value to customers’ business and products.
To be the preferred supplier of maritime related products and services
  • Trustworthy and honest in our promises and delivery.
  • Responsible for providing quality work and contributing to the success of customers and partners.
  • Proactive in all our daily tasks and thinking.
  • Dedicated to innovating operational processes in our efforts to develop ourselves and create added value for our customers.
  • Customer-oriented externally, and collaboration-oriented internally.
  • Make extra efforts when necessary to provide the best possible service to our customers and partners.
  • Always work to improve ourselves professionally, and improve business and internal processes.
  • Maintain a safe and secure workplace without harm to people, property and partners, and with due regard to the environment.